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Special magazine edition of the College Heights Herald:

  • Edwards, Don. Tanning: Despite the Risks, Students Take the Chance
  • Hankins, Tammy. Some Students Plan to Have a Non-Traditional Spring Break
  • Flener, Arnold. Religious Groups Plan to Help Others During the Break
  • Osborne, Sherri. Pumping Iron: Some Students Shaping Up Before They Ship Out
  • Kemp, Bill. Professors: Work & Fun Are On the Spring Break Syllabus
  • Provano, Jennifer. Travelers Should Play It Safe On the Road While Driving
  • Madison, Ann. Spring Break: It Only Happens in America
  • Allen, Craig. Snowy Memories Keeping Some Students Home
  • Grundy, Julie. There Are a Few things to Do for Bowling Green Breakers
  • Brautigan, Cathy. Students Get Fast Cash for Spring Break – Blood Donors
  • Sargent, Rebecca. Flying & Driving Are Popular Choices
  • Tolliver, Lisa. Students Can Have A Good Time on Little Cash
  • Hobbs, Meghan. Clothes: Students Suited with Bare Necessities – Swimwear


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