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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Fugate, Neal. Summer Newspaper Workshop Sharpens Journalistic Skills
  • Curd, Jeff. Phase III May Freeze Fall Tuition
  • Guthrie, Bruce. College Heights Herald Gains A++ Rating
  • Miss Janet Shirley, Roger Stinnett Win Scholarships
  • Johnston, Scott. Academic Council Moves Toward Bankruptcy Plan
  • Recreation Facilities Open During Summer
  • Shirley, Janet. Spelunking: Researchers Study Cave Ecology
  • Crawford, Ricky. Regents Rename Dero Downing, Approve Budget, Appoint Deans
  • Westerner Wins First-Place Award for Data Processing – Mike Furlong
  • Shirley, Janet. WKU Honors Professors for Outstanding Service – Fuad Baali, William Buckman
  • Basham, Larry & Debbie Gibson. High School Students Study Here – Junior Scholars Program
  • Student Teacher Discovers Unique Challenge Overseas – Markeeta Singleton
  • Shockley, Brent & Linda Kippes. Summer Productions Slated in Miller Theatre
  • 47 High School Speech Students Attend Workshop
  • Student Receives Ad Scholarship – Barry Fletcher
  • Graduate Focuses on Folk Festival – David Sutherland
  • A Workshop Is . . . Summer Journalism Workshop
  • Guthrie, Bruce. Linda Storms Joins Scholars in Germany – Fulbright Scholar
  • Western Receives $81,472 Grant – Environmental Science & Technology Building
  • Stinnett, Roger. Track, Tennis Win Titles
  • Powers, Debbie. Gymnast Adele Gleaves to Compete in Moscow
  • Balcerek, Jay. WKU Signs 10 Basketball Prospects
  • Stinnett, Roger. New Coaches Assume Duties
  • Balcerek, Jay. World-Class Shotputter Keeps Practicing Hard – Jesse Stuart
  • Ballinger, Steve. Jack Glasser Earns Sports-Academic Honor
  • Ohio Valley Conference to Study Spring Sports Scholarships
  • Area Coaches Attend Free Weekly Clinics
  • Summer, May Term Enrollments Increase
  • Spring Recruiting Bright


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