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Teachers College Heights monthly magazine promoting WKU and documenting campus events and courses offered. Articles:

  • Learn Kentucky
  • Greetings to Former Students & to the People of Kentucky
  • The Western Teachers College & the Foundation
  • College Heights Foundation
  • Special Explanation of Campaign to Raise Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
  • The Kentucky Building
  • That Other Thing
  • Be One of the 1,000
  • The Red Bungalow & Red Fence – Philanthropy
  • Some of the Great Personalities of Kentucky
  • Gallagher, William. Mothers of the West
  • Berhman, A.S. This is Kentucky
  • Watterson, Henry. Once a Kentuckian, Always a Kentuckian
  • Dunbar, Paul. After a Visit
  • O’Hara, Theodore. The Old Pioneer
  • McLellan, Hugh. Kentucky
  • Some of the Past – Bowling Green Business College & Literary Institute, Southern Normal School
  • The Present
  • Cherry, Henry. In Memoriam C.U. McElroy
  • College Heights Epigrams & Paragraphs
  • To the Citizen Who Desires to Bequeath or Give Money, Property, or Other Material Possessions, to a Worthy Cause
  • Did your Boy or Girl Attend School at Bowling Green?
  • Future Generations of Students
  • Make It 100%
  • Peterson, Ramond. The Kentucky Building
  • Curry, B.L. The Kentucky Building
  • Riley, James Whitcomb. The Kentucky Thoroughbred
  • Majors, Anna. The Kentucky Building
  • Giving
  • Combs, Louise. The Spirit of the Institution
  • Hall, T.O. The Spirit of the Institution
  • Wood, Hilda. The Kentucky Building
  • College Heights
  • Western Will Shine
  • Western Will Win
  • A Kentucky Sunrise
  • A Kentucky Sunset
  • The Almighty Smiled
  • Lampton, William. To Old Kentucky
  • A Sacred Obligation
  • Greer, Kate. The Pennyrile
  • Honorable C.U. McElroy
  • Holland, G. Allison. A Kentucky Welcome
  • Ellis, James. Untitled Poem
  • Taney, Mary. Untitled Poem
  • Fairhurst, A. Untitled Poem
  • Arnold, Thomas. Compensation
  • Your Responsibility
  • Roper, Elizabeth. The Spirit of the Institution
  • Enroll the Grandchildren
  • Why the Campaign Should Succeed
  • What Will You Do?
  • Winfrey, W.R. The Kentucky Building
  • College Heights Foundation. Secretary-Treasurer’s Fifth Annual Report
  • Samson, Flem. Letter to Henry Cherry
  • Cherry, Henry. Home Coming, Oct. 27, 1928


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