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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • Dean William Lloyd Will Return to Teaching Next Year
  • Patsy Judd & Joe Iracane Reappointed to Board of Regents
  • Dr. Ruby Meador is Named to Affirmative Action
  • Seven Up Scientist Lancaster Lecture – B.C. Cole
  • Short Courses Offered to Faculty & Staff – Academic Computing & Research Services
  • WKU, Murray State University Promote Cooperative Agreement
  • Behind the Scenes with Joan Mondale
  • University Journal on WKYU-FM Wednesday
  • WKU Dean Speaks Before Minnesota General Assembly – J.T. Sandefur
  • Journalism Seeks Accreditation in Two Programs
  • Academic Affairs – Fellowships
  • About You – English, Vera Guthrie, Carole Jackson, Charles Meyer, Gretchen Niva, Edward Pease, Robert Reber
  • Coming Up September 24 – October 5
  • Current Members of the Board of Regents & Committees


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