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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • We’re Celebrating National Higher Education Week
  • Fourth Phonothon is Underway
  • Focus Remains on Quality; Not Quantity
  • President’s Club Members to be Honored October 20 – Fundraising
  • Rodes-Helm Forum Opens October 15
  • Campus Will Host Weekly Newspaper members
  • WKU Gets $1/2 Million Grant – Training & Technical Assistance Services
  • WKU Chosen to Host One of Three National Visiting Professors – Burroughs Wellcome Fund
  • Terry Leeper to Work With Master Gunsmith – Herschel House
  • About Students – David Allen
  • About You – Jim Flynn, Clem Haskins, Reginald Laswell, M.A. Rahim, Carolyn Stringer, Joe Survant, WKYU-FM
  • Academic Affairs – Meetings
  • Etc. – Single Parents on Campus, Vaccinations, Christmas London Tour, Canadian Studies, Continuing Education, Art Exhibition, Credit Union
  • Coming Up October 8 – 20


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