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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • WKU Education Dean Does National Teacher Assessment Report – J.T. Sandefur
  • Service Aimed for Students Apt to Have Study Woes – Automated Peer Tutoring Service
  • Stay Tuned for the Winter Olympics
  • Former Weatherman Coaches TV Forecasters – Willard Cockrill
  • Small Businesses Get Micro-Seminar from WKU – Business Administration
  • Chemistry Department Receives Funds for More Coal Research
  • Air Force ROTC is Born Again on Campus
  • Who Was Really Abe Lincoln’s Valentine?
  • About You – Connie Foster, Juanita Hare, Virginia Mutchler, Aaron Hughey, Owen Lawson, Alecia Rogers, Marvin Leavy, Ronald Nash, Freida Eggleton, Judy Owen, Robert Somers, Jerry Wilder, Johnny Wolfe
  • Coming Up – February 6 – 18


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