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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • Like a Phoenix Risen from Its Ashes . . . Art Show Goes On – Ivan Wilson Hall
  • What’s a Freshman Like Today?
  • WKU Survey May Help World Hunger Problem – Glenn Crumb
  • Campus Emergency Communications Tested
  • Young Writers to be On Campus
  • Decorator Show House has Town & Gown Involvement – American Society of Interior Decorators
  • Bobbie Ann Mason Returns to Campus
  • Research Opportunities Are Available – Sponsored Programs
  • And a Related Story . . . – Grants Awarded
  • It’s Computers on the Drawing Board! – Industrial & Engineering Technology
  • Finance & Physics Heads Named – Marvin Albin, George Vourvopoulos
  • About You – John Hagaman, Carole Jackson, Scott Borden, David Kelsey, Biff Kummer, Gary Mevis, Richard Stone, Joann Thompson, Elizabeth Volkman, Richard Weigel, Marilyn White, Stephen Jarrell, Roy Howsen, Youn Kim, Charles Roberts, Nicholas Crawford, Ronald Dilamarter, Ronald Seeger, Noland Fields
  • Coming Up April 23 – May 6


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