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Correspondence between Lalla Boone and Henry Cherry regarding her returning to work at WKU, enrollment, appropriations and the $100 she donated to start the College Heights Foundation.

Transcript of her letter:

2054 Webster St., Oakland, California, June 30, 1922

Dear Mr. Cherry,

I have feared you had forgotten me until to-day, when I received the invitation to commencement. I had received other invitations to that event; but your invitation gave me courage. Courage I needed. I have been wanting to tell you for a long while now that I want to come back. If you ever expected to get rid of me, you made a big mistake to have me there at all.

As I told you I was planning, I taught at my brother's home last year. This past year I have been working in California University for my M.A. I received it in May.

What a wonderful year I have had! California is beyond anything I had dreamed it could be. I love it. I wrote my thesis under Dr. Bolton, and took everything he gives. Of course you know he is the one big man in Southwestern American History; but I doubt if you know what he is doing to make the whole field of North and South American History a unit. His book on the latter subject is not yet published; but he gives a course, which I took, that covers the field. He is marvelous!

I did not intend to tell you all this. But it is hard not to just talk when I write to you, Mr. Cherry.

I have told you I want to come back. I know there are many people who wish to come back, too. Besides, you can't make a position for me. Nevertheless, I hope I can be with you again, sometime, if not this year.

Whether or not you ever need me, you will remember I love you, all the faculty, all the students and ____ all the old rocks on the hill.


Lalla R. Boone


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