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Digitized by student worker Justin Harris.


Correspondence of Sadie Holeman and Mattie McLean regarding work at Frisbie Hall, smallpox cases and the renting out of Holeman's cottage in Cherryton.

Transcription of Letter 1:

Will be in school this summer anyway.

Lebanon Jct., Ky.

March 3rd 1926
Miss Mattie McLean
Dear Miss Mattie:

I have heard that Frisbie Hall might be in need of a matron, and am would like to put in an application for the place. I know you remember me and I would appreciate it very much if you would use your influence with Mr. Dr. Cherry in getting the place for me. I have, as you perhaps remember, two boys, now in high school. And it takes all I can make to keep us up. Therefore I feel like I will never be able to come back to school to finish unless I can get work to do to make our way while in school. My mother and father are willing to come and stay with me and keep the hall while I am at school.

I also have a younger sister who should be in school, and a brother now in school at Murray.

I wrote Miss Schneider [Florence Schneider] concerning this, she has always been a dear friend to me and helped me thru many rough places, and I feel like if you and she both will help me, or intercede for me I will be sure of the place when vacated.

Please answer at your earliest convenience

Sincerely yours
Sadie Y. Holeman
Lebanon Jct., Ky.

Transcription of Letter 3:

Lebanon Junction, Kentucky
December 14, 1926

[Renters to Miss Compton Jan. 29]

Dr. H.H. Cherry
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Dear Dr. Cherry:

Am surprised to learn that my house has not been listed with you for rent as one whom I thought to be a school representative called on me last summer saying he was taking the list of all houses in the village that would be for rent during the fall semester. I gave in mine as being for rent.

As to the terms or rates, I think my house should bring $15.00 per month as I have it very well furnished and left it nice and clean, calcimining the walls and doing some inside painting before leaving; however I shall be glad to rent it at whatever terms you think best.

[this should be $16 at least – see how furnished before listing]

Our school doesn’t close until May so will be back for both summer terms.

Sadie Y. Holeman


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