Publication Date

Summer 1976


WKU alumni magazine. Features the following articles:

  • Highland, Jim. Reflections - A Seventy-Six Series
  • Dr. Ray Franklin Delivers Four Lectures
  • Dickey, Debbie. The Maestro Returns to Carnegie Hall, Bennie Beach
  • Conway, Sheila. A Tax Study Best Seller, Stephen Lile
  • Harvey, Debbie. ROTC on the Rebound
  • Given, Ed. Hilltoppers in Ohio Valley Conference An Established Dynasty
  • Just, Paul. Remember 1930-31
  • Snodgrass, Jim. Weather Risk Assessment Tornado!
  • Ashcraft, Betsy. Wandering Scholar - Reza Ahsan
  • Grise, Richard. Guatemala Esta En Pie
  • Bruce Edwards, Photographer
  • Shelton, Larry. What You Can Do to Keep America Great
  • Russell, Marvin. Tribute Paid to Dr. C.P. McNally
  • Bowling Green Business University Tells Grads to Keep U.S. Great - Larry Shelton
  • Student Publications Fill Top Posts
  • Symphony Premieres Work by Dr. David Livingston
  • Dr. Hollie Sharpe Elected National President
  • State Dental Group Elects Sherrie Cox
  • Big Red Band Plays at Kentucky Derby
  • WKU Student Calls It Magic - Mark Anderson
  • Business Students Take Top Honors
  • Western ROTC Drill Teams Win Two Trophies - Pershing Rifles, Rebelletes
  • Study Pays Off for Religion Major - Tony Stewart
  • Western Choir Sings in New Orleans Fest
  • Dr. Lowell Harrison Appointed to Records Advisory Board
  • National Public Relations Executive Charters WKU Group
  • Boyce Tate is Recognized for Educational Effort
  • Dr. Julius Scott Heads Religion Group
  • Basketballers Get Honors & Double Championship
  • David Carter, Keith Tandy to Lead 1976 Gridders
  • Outstanding Athletes Signed by Hilltoppers
  • Ray Rose, Adele Gleaves in New Coaching Positions
  • Elizabethtown - Hardin County Club Active
  • Sherrys Host South Mississippians
  • Florida Clubs Hold Meetings
  • Muhlenberg Alumni Host High Schoolers
  • New Club Formed in Jackson, Mississippi
  • Hendersonians Gather
  • Georgia Alums Celebrate Derby Day
  • Tri-State Club Meets
  • Owensboro Spaghetti Supper
  • Collins, Don. Bobo Davenport, Championship Coach
  • Jacqueline Moss, Mathematician
  • Alumni Notes
  • In Memoriam
  • Two Named Distinguished Alumni - Larry Shelton, Raymond Gibson


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