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Whether because of budget and staffing concerns or issues with productivity and output, technical services teams have come into being in many organizations. In Teams in Library Technical Services, editors Rosann Bazirjian and Rebecca Mugridge present research and case studies demonstrating what these reasons are and how the use of teams has been and should be applied to libraries. Everything from describing the various types of teams and how to manage them—especially in academic libraries—to exploring recurring themes on the relationships between professional and support staff, the changing roles of librarians, and how managers and teams address issues such as performance evaluation, rewards and recognition, hiring, workload and workflow, and process improvements is covered. Managers and other librarians who must understand the evolution of teams in library technical services units, the application of team theory in libraries, and the practical assessment of team organizational structure will be greatly served by this work.



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Scarecrow Press


Lanham, MD


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Human Resources Management | Library and Information Science | Organizational Behavior and Theory


Jack G. Montgomery is coordinator of acquisitions at the Library of Western Kentucky University. He has served as speaker on educational programs at the American Association of Law Libraries since 1989