The Information Search


This paper in the form of story discusses a college student's information search process. In this story we see Kuhlthau's information search process: initiation, selection, exploration, formulation, collection, and presentation. Katie is a student who goes in search of information for her class research paper. Katie's class readings, her interest and reflection on the topic, and the instructor's guidance really help her to focus on the topic of her research. The librarian's service is also quite helpful by providing needed and timely service. When we compare the service to Grover's model of service, we see that the problem was diagnosed by two people—the instructor and the librarian. The course instructor had already provided the student feedback about narrowing the topic and the advice to refer to primary sources as well. So it was an easy diagnosis for the librarian when the student seeks the librarian's help in finding primary sources. Here the librarian seemed very caring and helpful, which made the student to go back to the librarian for help.


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