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Teaching and Learning Resource

Time required for implementation of resource

> 50 minutes

Subdiscipline of Kinesiology

Exercise Physiology


Presenting pedagogical content on a digital platform is commonplace in the 21st century classroom. Now, presentations are given virtually to students who are learning both synchronously and asynchronously. With students learning from a distance, faculty must find means to elevate their delivery to foster engagement on an easily disconnected platform, thus winning the competition for their attention. Use of Lightboard technology meets the need to deliver innovative teaching and learning, but it is also simple for the faculty to use. This manuscript outlines the process of setting up, managing, and producing media from a Lightboard studio. We provide the framework needed to propose funding for this resource, building plans, as well as capture and editing tutorials to lessen the burden on faculty wishing to bring this technology to their campus. This fully online medium supports any classroom instruction (face-to-face, hybrid, and online), and with proper planning, can save the faculty’s time on reviewing concepts in and out of class periods. Lightboard studios are often shared across the campus community, potentially leading to long wait times for recording and impaired flexibility for rapid content production. In this resource, we document how smaller units (colleges, departments, and programs) can justify investing in this innovative technology.

Corresponding Author

Whitley Stone, PhD