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Comprehension of exercise physiology topics as an undergraduate student can be difficult. Thus, finding creative ways to present material can improve student comprehension and retention. The purpose of the three demonstrations presented will teach three concepts to lower-division students in an undergraduate Exercise Physiology course (prerequisite knowledge in college-level Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses). These demonstrations take place in-person, in the classroom, with an estimated total time commitment of approximately10 minutes. The purpose of demonstrations 1 and 2 will aid students in differentiating between Golgi Tendon Organs (Demonstration 1) and muscle spindles (Demonstration 2), including their location and protective function. The purpose of demonstration 3 is to help students understand the difference between the five gates in the electron transport chain and why NADH and FADH create different amounts of ATP. Further, these demonstrations encourage engagement from a variety of students – not only those who participate in the demonstration, but for those answering the questions arising from the demonstration.

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