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Sport/Exercise Psychology


The purpose of this resource is to allow university educators to implement an experiential-learning project in which students act as leaders of behavior change. Specifically, kinesiology students are paired with “clients” to engage with outside of the classroom and tasked with helping the clients achieve their physical activity goals. This semester-long behavior change project can be used in classes delivered in online, in-person, or hybrid formats. It is estimated that two hours are required for initial project instructions and set-up, with about 12 additional hours throughout the semester for continuous instruction, review, discussion, and presentation. Students are expected to benefit from practice and interaction with real clients. As a result, students are expected to increase their experience with behavior change theory, programming, measurement, evaluation, and refinement. Students are also expected to greatly enhance their communication skills as they interact with clients in a professional manner. This article includes all materials required to deliver this experiential-learning project to students in kinesiology, sport, or exercise science programs.

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