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Past findings indicate mixed results on the effectiveness of gamification in college courses. The use of a gamified version of specifications-based grading (e.g., gamified grading) is not yet well understood. The purpose of this two-part study was to understand students’ perceptions of intrinsic motivation and engagement in a kinesiology course using gamified grading, facilitated by a gamified grading platform called GradeCraft©. We used qualitative inquiry to capture a robust description of the student experience across a semester, identifying themes describing the course management (e.g., comparison with traditional course, individual approach), and the psychological experience (e.g., autonomy, stress). The following semester, we surveyed students, finding an increase in competence and choice and decrease in pressure from the beginning of the term to the end. Findings suggest that students perceived GradeCraft to promote intrinsic motivation, but only to a small degree and not without some initial stress due to the novelty associated with the gamified grading system.

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