Exhibits created about various topics in WKU's history.

Tyler Diemer
WKU Royalty: Homecoming

1949 Teddy Lou Johnson of London, Alpha Phi Omega
1950 Jean Amos of Cave City
1951 Nancy Atkinson of White Plains, Talisman
1952 Tyler Diemer of Jeffersontown, Talisman
1953 Jane Winchester of Taylorsville
1954 Netta Oldham of Owensboro, Baptist Campus Ministries
1955 Pattye Thompson of Bowling Green
1956 Shirley Barnes of Beaver Dam, Band
1957 Phyllis Robinson of Hazard, Cheerleader
1958 Marilyn Norris of Seymour, IN
1959 Alice Chumbley of Jamestown, Cheerleader
1960 Dianne Robinson of Hazard, Cheerleader
1961 Martha Jo Johnson of Scottsville, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta
1962 Wanda Steenbergen of Glasgow, Pi Sigma Upsilon
1963 Pat Norman of Glasgow, Rebelettes
1964 Christine DeVries of Bowling Green, Pi Sigma Upsilon, Alpha Delta Pi
1965 Linda Thomas of Burkesville
1966 Sharon Roby of Owensboro
1967 Pat Hunt of Bowling Green, Chi Omega
1968 Charlsie Malone of Clarksville, TN
1969 Dru Gibson Bowling Green
1970 Suzanne Riggins of Jonesboro, AR
1971 Brynda Taylor of Louisville, Chi Omega
1972 Alice Gatewood of Bowling Green, Delta Sigma Theta
1973 Cherie Hoxworth of Beaver Dam, Alpha Omicron Pi
1974 Patricia Smith of Glasgow
1975 Brenday Smiley of Vanzant
1976 Marissa Greene of Winchester
1977 Joyce Ann Haskins of Campbellsville, Delta Sigma Theta
1978 Connie Gibson of Hodgenville
1979 Betty Thompson of Bowling Green
1980 Jane Lockin of Benton, IL
1981 Sandy Douglas of Henderson
1982 Mary Beth DiCastro of Lexington
1983 Julie Lippert of Paducah, Chi Omega
1984 Julie Sams of Bowling Green
1985 Tara Wassom of Fort Campbell, Chi Omega
1986 Whitney Auslander of Louisville, Kappa Delta
1987 Elizabeth Williams of Jamestown
1988 Shelly Thomas of Henderson, Kappa Delta
1989 Ruth Hosse of Brentwood, TN, Alpha Omicron Pi
1990 Jill Antle of Louisville, Chi Omega
1991 Nancy Rascoe of Bowling Green, Kappa Delta
1992 Jennifer Mize of Cerulean, Alpha Omicron Pi
1993 Melissa Baggarly of Beaver Dam
1994 Andrea Wilson of Somerset, Phi Mu
1995 Sybil Mathis of Paducah, Delta Sigma Theta
1996 Laura Hall of Louisville, Chi Omega
1997 Leigh Ann Sears of Mayfield, Alpha Delta Pi
1998 Stephanie Cosby of Greenville, Spirit Masters
1999 Melissa Pickrell of Paris, Kappa Delta
2000 Jacqueline Ayers of Louisville, Delta Sigma Theta
2001 Katie Staples of Brandenburg, Kappa Delta
2002 Laura Allen of Richmond, Alpha Omicron Pi
2003 Paola Cassana of Cajamarca, Peru, Spirit Masters
2004 Destiny Smith of Bowling Green, Delta Omicron
2005 Sarah Morris of Germantown, TN, Chi Omega
2006 BryAnn Roth of Neenah, WI, Spirit Masters
2007 Jeanne Johnson of Marion, KY, Student Government Association
2008 Diane DeRosa-Reynolds of Union, KY, Kappa Delta
2009 Rachel Reetzke of Franklin, KY, Chi Omega
2010 Josclynn Brandon of Indianapolis, IN, Alpha Kappa Alpha
2011 Ashleigh Miller of Bedford, Spirit Masters
2012 Amy Winkler of Murray, Alpha Delta Pi
2013 Taylor Emberton of Glasgow, Kappa Delta
2014 Ellie Jolly of Cadiz, Chi Omega
2015 Karen Powell of Louisville, Kappa Delta
2016 Mallory Vaughn of Bowling Green, Chi Omega
2017 Katherine Crider of Dawson Springs, Delta Zeta
2018 Makayle Botts of Glasgow, Alpha Omega Pi
2019 Allyson Taylor of Lancaster, Delta Sigma Pi
2020 Sarah Harne of Liberty, Alpha Delta Pi
2021 Abbey Norvell of Corbin, Alpha Omicron Pi

WKU Royalty: Other

Athenian Kings & Queens1967 Carmen Willoughby
1967 Steve House
1968 Claudia Fowler
1968 Fred Fenimore
1969 Doris Brennan
1969 Dennis Koon
1970 Sally Webb
1970 Steve Garrett
1971 Claudia Houston of Galloway
1971 Marshall Galloway of SedaliaBasketball1952 Pat Horn
1953 Pat Barker
1954 Shirley Smith
1955 Juanita Chinn
1956 Gayle Bryant
1957 Phyllis Robinson of Hazard
1958 Alice Chumbley of JamestownComing Home Kings1994 Jason Young
2001 Tim Gilbert
2002 Aaron Spencer
2016 Taylor Bowling
2021 Bradon BurksMay Queen - Bowling Green Business University1933 Adeline Grissom
1934 Sara Gylor
1935 Frances Knight
1936 Virginia NeelyMiss Kentucky1951 Dottye Nuckols
1960 Alice Chumbley of Jamestown
1967 Joann Clark
1981 Kim Birdsong of Cadiz
1990 Nancy Cox
1998 Nancy Bradley, Franklin
2002 Lori Mitchell of Scottsville
2011 Ann Blair Thornton of Bowling Green
2017 Molly Matney
2018 Katie Bouchard of Owensboro
2021 Haley Wheeler of Clay CityMrs. Western Student Wife1964 Toni Martin
1965 Carolyn Harrison
1967 Sharon Bryant
1968 Joyce SmithOther1958 Pat Stiff, Blue Grass Bowl
1962 Gloria Bartley, Miss College of Commerce of Okolona, MS (BGBU)
1962 Linda Whitlow, District 4 Dairy Princess
1962 Toni Cameron, Miss Louisville
1963 Brenda Durall, Miss College of Commerce (BGBU)
1963 Sue Borders, District 4 Dairy Princess
1963 Sandra Stuart, Kentucky State Numismatic Association Queen
1970 Terry Miller Greek Goddess
1989 Lynn Groemling, Kentucky Derby princess
2000 Kerri Richardson, Kentucky Derby Queen
2016 Andi Dahmer, Kentucky Derby princess
2018 Katie Bouchard, Kentucky Derby princessSweetheart / Valentine Kings & Queens1960 Unidentified
1962 Pat Norman
1963 Sylvia Terry of Paducah
1963 Ronnie Roberts of Louisville
1965 Kay Washer
1965 Al Smith
1966 Susan Friedli
1966 Mike Lewellyn
1967 Diane Burns of Owensboro
1967 Tommy Russell of Glasgow
1968 Judy Mullins
1968 Paul Gerard
1969 Judy Mayfield
1969 John Lee
1970 Donna Showalter
1970 Bill Lamb
1971 Martha Jo Johnson of Bowling Green
1971 Mark Pride of Morganfield

Gemini Jazz Bands
Gemini Jazz Bands

The Gemini Jazz Bands were created by David "Doc" Livingston while teaching at Western Kentucky University. The first iteration of the band appeared in 1966 and was called Gemini 14. Gemini was taken from the United States space program and the 14 was the number of band members. The band was originally created as an all girl band with the exception of the drummer and bass player. The student musicians did not have to be music majors.From 1968 through 1973 the group was called Gemini 15 as they had added a band member. Due to budget cuts the band was reduced in size and began to be named for the year: Gemini '75, Gemini '77 and Gemini '79.In order to keep costs to a minimum Doc Livingston contracted with the USO to tour military bases during summer and spring breaks. Gemini 14 was able to tour the Caribbean for four weeks in January 1967. The Gemini 15 bands were able to tour in Europe and play concerts on the WKU campus. Gemini '77 returned to the Caribbean. Gemini '79 made a tour of the U.S. Pacific Command visiting bases in Japan, South Korea, Okinawa and the Philippines.This online exhibit is made up of photographs, documents and objects donated by members of the Gemini bands along with items housed in the Kentucky Museum and WKU Archives. If you were a member of one of the Gemini Jazz Bands, please fill out our questionnaire. Read oral histories here.This is an image gallery, occasionally there are multi-page documents that are posted in the WKU Archives Faculty/Staff Papers section. Links are provided in the description field to the full documents.

Cherry Statue Time Capsule
Cherry Statue Time Capsule

In the fall of 1933 a group of faculty members "who were especially interested in launching a campaign leading to the carving and erection of a statue of President Cherry" began meeting.A steering committee of sixteen was soon elected consisting of: Chairman J.R. Whitmer, Secretary Mattie McLean, Finley Grise, E.H. Canon, Roy Seward, W.J. Craig, M.C. Ford, L.T. Smith, W.M. Pearce, Kelly Thompson, Margie Helm, West Richards, Sterrett Cuthbertson, Florence Schneider, W.L. Matthews, Arndt Stickles.The group met from 1933 through 1938 devising a plan, raising money, hiring architect Lorado Taft and distributing excess funds. Class sponsors were chosen for each of the thirty-one WKU classes to solicit donations from their classmates.Lorado Taft died October 30, 1936 before the statue was cast in bronze. Henry Cherry died August 1, 1937 before the statue was completed. The committee worked with Taft's associates at Bronze Incorporated to have the statue finished. In October the committee assembled documents, photographs and artifacts to be placed in a time capsule in the base of the statue. It was decided to purchase a second box to house duplicates of these items and place it in the Kentucky Museum. This was done during a chapel service November 10 when the base was set and sealed. The statue arrived a few days later and was unveiled November 16, 1937 on what would have been Henry Cherry's 73rd birthday.The time capsule items you see here are the duplicates that have been stored in the Kentucky Museum. See the Cherry State Committee collection inventory for more information regarding the creation of the statue.

Henry Hardin Cherry
WKU Founders Day

WKU Board of Regents Resolution May 9, 1930:THAT THIS BODY ORDER that for all time to come the day of November 16th of each year be set aside as a day of celebration in honor of the FOUNDER of the school and the FATHER of TEACHERS COLLEGES in Kentucky; that it be known as Cherry Day and that upon this day the Board of Regents and faculty have charge of the school and with fitting ceremonies take cognizance of the benefit that H.H. Cherry has been to the State and to the institution. The date of November 16th is set aside because of the fact that this is H.H. Cherry's birthday, having been born on November 16th 1864. A committee consisting of M.O. Hughes and M.B. Harlin was appointed by the Chairman to draft suitable resolutions in connection with choosing November 16th of each year as Cherry Day.This year we take a moment to honor Henry Cherry on his 150th birthday as well as other founders of WKU.The Kentucky Education Association, Governor J.C.W. Beckham, H.H. Cherry, several state legislators, the board of regents, faculty, staff, students, and other citizens also played their roles in establishing Western Kentucky State Normal School and setting its course.Along the way, many more individuals have continued to build on that foundation and to add to it. All of our most recognizable traditions and institutions can be traced back to the hard work, passion, vision, and dedication of our Founders.Selected Sources & Additional Material

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    • Henry Cherry, 1906-2002
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  • WKU Board of Regents
  • WKU Timeline
All sources and images are available in WKU Archives.