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Student teachers at the WKU Training School were critiqued on their appearance, social efficiency and teaching efficiency. The critic teacher added some general remarks and gave a rating:

  • E = excellent
  • F = fair
  • G = good
  • V.G. = very good

Student teacher reviews exist for all grades and disciplines offered at the WKU Training School

This particular one is for Nall T. Hooks:

April 15, 1921

Vivian E. Hastie [critic teacher]

Nall T. Hooks [student teacher]



I feel that with so free and easy a poise, such nice manners and so strong a personality as has Mr. Hooks, all sealed with the stamp of neatness there can be nothing lacking in appearance.

In social efficiency he ranks high being highly cultured and possessing an excellent scholarship. You cannot doubt a large store house of common sense from the constant use given it as he tactfully exercises his strong executive forces, tho he is so genial this is seldom necessary.

He is a very efficient teacher and as I have already said seldom has to discipline his pupils, also his influence on the children is indeed very wholesome. He cooperates beautifully but makes an excellent leader. His professional zeal is high but he is weak in obtaining results due to the fact that he overestimates the ability of his pupils and rushes them too much.

Mr. Hooks undoubtedly will make a good principal for he has ideals, ambitions and courage. He is not easily discouraged and does not shirk a task even tho it be unpleasant.

Rating – E

See Student Teacher Evaluations, Notebook 2, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Warren County


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