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Established in 1924 for the purpose of training rural teachers in Kentucky, the Rural Training School was located just west of main campus on four acres. It was organized in accordance with the Kentucky State Course of Study for Rural Schools. An average of twelve student teachers were enrolled each term. During the summer county superintendents and school people from out of state visited the school.

The building had one large class room, a reading room, a dining room and a kitchen. It was supplied with furnace heat and running water. The students had access to a library, maps, globes, a sand table, a victrola and piano. Included in the equipment were movable, adjustable seats, one large and one small study table. The older children organized a thrift club raising pigs, chickens, vegetables and strawberries to increase their bank account. The seventh grade boys were enrolled in manual training.

The outdoor campus included basketball and volleyball courts and a baseball diamond along with a slide for the younger students. The flagstone walk, flag and flagpole were furnished by the PTA. [Talisman 1927, p. 77]

The school was closed in 1956 and razed in 1957 as there was no longer a need for this type of teacher training in the state.


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