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Pages from Henry Russell's notebook, transcribed:

Lecture No. 13 Mr. Corson

Subject: The teacher's surplus of knowledge. Every teacher starts with so much capital. If he stops here, his work is a failure. This capital is necessary, but the surplus of after study is much more important. The live teacher is continually accumulating knowledge. He never ceases to be a student.

1. A through [thorough] preperation [sic] is necessary to enthusiastic class work. To have splendid enthusiastic classes in every school should be the aim of every teacher. After having prepared for fine class work the teacher should add to his surplus of knowledge in some higher work.

2. Poor preparation leads to poor class work. Good preperation [sic] leads to the finest class work. Good preparation is a safe investment. It is a surplus that we will need sometime.

The supreme moment in our lives is to give some child an inspiration to secure a higher education.

Add a surplus to be able to do this.

3. A surplus of heart power. A large surplus of heart power is necessary to a successful teacher's life. It is power never wasted. This power increases with exercise. Physical exercise can be endured up to a certain degree, but no further while heart power is only developed by use.

Never neglect the hearts and souls of children. Cultivate that which is more importance than mere intellectual power. Facts are not all to be found in life. Get beyond facts. A teacher who teaches facts alone is neglecting the best phases of life.

"Can it be that there is something called the wisdom of the heart, greater than the wisdom of the head."

Intellectual training should not be underestimated, but we should give some real heart training. Heart sentiment lives long after facts are forgotten.


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