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Excerpt from Bobbie Wiggins' typescript about the history of Woodland School housed in the Manuscripts Collection.

The Classroom (description based on the period 1954-1963)

The classroom could house up to 30 desks. Twenty-two desks were placed in rows with the extra desks placed in the cloak rooms. The construction of desks changed over the years from being inkwell desks to desks with a drawer at the back of the student’s desk. The teacher’s desk usually was located directly centered in the front of the classroom with slight variations such as cater-cornered. There was a flag and a bell located on the teacher’s desk.

The reading table was often dressed and decorated with the color red. Phonics and Math facts were taught at the table. There were 6 small round chairs that accompanied the table. The table also served as a reward table. If a student finished his/her seatwork, they could go to the reading table. It was an unspoken rule that if a student finished his/her work; they would render assistance to other students when needed.

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