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Farm map of western Warren County, Kentucky showing the extent of farms and number of acres in each. The following people and companies are listed as land owners:

Alderson, L.G.
Baker, ?
Baker, Mary
Blaney, Jack
Border, ?
Boulton, Fred
Bowling Green Business University
Bradburn, ?
Briggs, ?
Campbell, Jonathan
Cartwright, ?
Cherry, ?
Christian, ?
Conway, W.L.
Craft, H.N.
Crowe, Lloyd
Davenport, C.G.
Davenport, Georgia
Davenport, Ora
Davidson, ?
Deatherage, James
Delafield, ?
Dixon, H.
Dodson, ?
Downing, ?
Dunn, ?
Ennis, Frank
Ennis, J.
Ennis, M.
Ferguson, Mary
Fleenor, ?
Forrester, C.
Gilber, E.M.
Gones, ?
Goodrun, ?
Graham, ?
Harlington, ?
Harvison & Rodes
Hayden, ?
Herd, W.N.
Hilll, T.B.
Hoboy, J.W.
Hobson, ?
Hook, ?
Horn, ?
Horton, F.
Hudson, ?
Hunter, ?
Hunton, E.
Isbell, ?
Jackson, A.
Jefferson, George
Jenkins, C.
Jenkins, J.L. Jr.
Johnson, ?
Jones, ?
Keller, C.
Kissler, B.
Kister, F.L. Jr.
Lashhart, H.H.
Lawrence, H.
Lazarus, Harry
Leichart, H.
Manning, ?
Martin, J.H.
Mayfield, ?
McCoin, ?
McGinnis, Bud
McGinnis, C.
McGinnis, H.S.
McGinnis, J.E.
McGinnis, J.W.
McMurtry, ?
Mercer, G.
Miller, ?
Miller, E.
Miller, E.J.
Miller, W.H.
Moody, ?
Morgan, Cooper
Morgan, J.
Moyer, E.
Myles, ?
Nune, ?
Nutsell, ?
Orange, J.J.
Palmer, ?
Palmer, May
Palmer, T.
Paschal, ?
Perkins, ?
Pierces, J.H.
Porter, R.E.
Possey, ?
Potter, H.
Proctor, B.F.
Rabold, W.R.
Ragley, ?
Reed, ?
Richie, ?
Rigglewood, George
Rigglewood, H.
Riggs, Dr.
Roemer, A.
Rush, Charles
Russell, ?
Sibert, ?
Simmons, L.
Snell, R.
Snell, W.
Spencer, Annie
Spencer, T.R.
Stagner, T.J.
Stone Brothers
Strother, Dr.
Sublett, ?
Sumpter, ?
Sweeney, ?
Tanner, ?
Tarrents, ?
Taylor, ?
Thoams, ?
Tuch, L.G.
Warrener, S.K.
Westbrook, ?
Westbrook, Charles
White Stone Quarry
Whitney, Dan
Wilkins, ?
Willoughby, W.E.
Young, H.
Young, J.W.


Maps, Mapmaking, Cartography, Kentucky, Land Ownership


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