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Fall 1973


Page 1 of an article that appeared in the Western Alumnus.

Their name's Gemini 15 and they're an all-girl stage band. For the past eight years their music has wowed audiences in Europe, the Caribbean and parts of the United States. Yet, if the truth were known, there may be many Westerners who have never heard of them or their fine music.

Most likely one of the reasons real fame hasn't come to Gemini's real forte is that the blonde and brunette trombonists, trumpeters, flutists and all other variations of musical talent are more interested in making music than in making a splashdown, though every time they start to play, they do both.

They're going to prove it this fall at the 1973 Alumni Dinner-Dance on Homecoming weekend, Friday, Oct. 26, in the Garrett Ballroom starting around 9 p.m. When the tables are pushed back, the gals will come onstage, and you're going to like what you'll hear.

In the mid-60s, when Gemini space missions were the name of the game in space exploration, a crew of female music students decided to launch a "first" for Western and with the precedent created by several campus all-male bands. They christened themselves Gemini and this lipstick set of musicians has skyrocketed everywhere they've been.

"They asked me to be their leader," says Dr. David Livingston, an associate professor of music at Western who specializes in the kind of music Gemini plays. He has his own professional combo and you know he means it when he beams, "These girls can really perform!"

The overseas tours Gemini has made were under the auspices of the U.S. government in connection with USO tours. "The girls proved themselves good enough their second year in operation to be selected," explains their leader whose dynamic attitude and concern for Gemini has earned their affection and the nickname, "Dr. Wow."

"We have a lot of fun, and that's the real purpose of the group," says Dr. Livingston. Membership in Geminis is strictly voluntary and extra-curricular. "This isn't on my teaching schedule and its for the group's enjoyment mostly," he explains, underscoring that last remark by adding, "And we've had pretty good success."


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