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Conclusion of Gemini 15 press release:

. . . flu, etc. immunizations. Western faculty were helpful in arranging early exams and Mr. Hubert Griffin worked out housing problems. The friendly cooperation of many Western administrators and officials, too numerous to mention, made a smooth running operation and an air of excitement seeded to permeate all the preparations.

WSM-TV invited the group in company with Mr. Robert Cochran, Dean of Public Affairs, to perform on the Noon Show, October 23rd and a short preview of its progress was given to the Third District Education Association at its convention in Diddle Arena on October 6th.

On November 30th in Van Meter Auditorium, Gemini 15 will preview its overseas show.

Tickets, on sale in the Business Office, in the Department of Music an dat Royal Music are $1.00 each. At that time, the following personnel will be heard: Jamie Carlyle, Robbie Day, Lynn Aukerman, Brenda Fatony and Karen Hubbard, saxes; Karen Cave, Sue Mercer, Jane Drennan and Carla Bratcher, brass; Rosemary Gohagen, marimba; Cheryl Grace, pianist and vocalist; Larnelle Harris, drummer; and John Carpenter, guitar. Guest soloist will be Miss Kentucky, Joanne Clark.

Invitations have been extended to Gemini 15 by Mr. Joe Downing, a well-known artist and brother of Dean Dero Downing, to visit Paris and by Lt. Col. James Lawson, a friend of Mr. David Livingston, to visit Naples.


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