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Part one of a press release issued by WKU regarding Gemini 15's European tour:

Bowling Green, Ky., Nov. 28 . . . On January 15th, the 15 members of Gemini 15, Western Kentucky University's stage band troupe, will re-enter a touring orbit which has already encompassed the Caribbean area. Exactly one year later, they resume their travels with an 8-week trek through Europe. Their purpose? To entertain thousands of American service men stationed in Germany, France and Italy and to be unofficial ambassadors of good will for the United States in the countries visited. Judging from the many enthusiastic reports following the Caribbean tour, Gemini 15 successfully accomplished its mission.

Western was one of sixteen colleges and universities chosen to represent the United States abroad this year. When President Thompson received notification of the selection from the National Music Council and USO Shows, Inc., preparations began. Having been through the mill once, it seemed a little easier to tie the many ends together but how much there was to do. Mr. David Livingston, musical director, immediately began arranging the new musical numbers needed. Graduation, marriages and other reasons had taken their toll and it was necessary to replace eight of the original group. Additions, for equally talented performers made the choices difficult. After one audition by a non-partisan faculty committee, it was necessary to toss a coin to choose between two wind players. Mrs. Bonita Springs was engaged to help with choreography. Costumes from last year had to be replaced. An attractive miniskirt pattern was decided upon by the group with much discussion as to the proper height above the knees. Voluminous forms, including pass-ports and data sheets requiring all sorts of information were garnered and typed by the Department of Music secretary, Mrs. Helen Almond. The Warren County Health Service and the University Health Clinic contributed injections of typhus, smallpox, polio . . .


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