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Article appearing on the front page of the Park City Daily News May24, 1956:

Western Kentucky State College President E. Kelly Thompson today issued a statement saying the college would permit the enrollment of Negro students beginning with the opening of the summer term June 7.

Thompson said the "doors of Western were being opened" to comply with the recommendations of the Council on Public Higher Education, and in conjunction with action by all other state colleges in Kentucky.

In the statement released by the president, 12 to 15 Negro students, all doing graduate work, are expected to enroll for the summer term.

Questioned as to whether any formal applications by Negro students had been received by the college, Thompson said thre [there] had been several inquiries.

He explained the procedure under which Kentucky's state colleges operate requires application only during the stated registration period.

The Western president added that the college hoped to accomplish the transition to an integrated institution "in stride."

A reliable source in the city school system said today at least two teachers at High Street School are expected to enroll at Western for the summer term.

He identified them as Coach J.S. Owmby and F.O. Moxley, industrial arts instructor at the school.

City School Superintendent L.C. Curry said today the City Board of Education had not reached a decision on when the city schools would integrate, but he imagined it would be "right away." The City School Board at an earlier meeting decided to wait until either Western had taken the first step in integrating or until the city and county school boards and . . .


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