This work represents the total research done by Marion B. Lucas for his book A History of Blacks in Kentucky: From Slavery to Freedom, 1760-1891, Frankfort, KY: The Kentucky Historical Society, 1992, 2003. Copies of these research notes have been made available to colleges and universities within the state of Kentucky.

I am thankful for the assistance of several individuals and organizations during the preparation of these research notes. Elissa Belak, a Western Kentucky University history major and student assistant in the History Department typed the index, and Carl Wicklander, a history graduate student, was largely responsible for scanning these research notes into an Adobe Acrobat file.

I owe special thanks to Jeffrey Alan Jones of Western Kentucky University's Academic Technology Division. Jeff provided the expertise and ready willingness to assist me at every stage needed to complete this project. I am also especially grateful to Dr. Phillip E. Myers, Director of Western Kentucky University's Sponsored Programs, and to Mary Larson and the Southern Regional Education Board for very generous grants that made this project possible.


This index, general in nature, is organized under seventeen larger topics:

  • Camp Nelson
  • Slavery
  • Slave Hiring
  • Free Blacks
  • Underground Railroad - Fugitives
  • Post-Civil War Living Conditions
  • Society & Culture - Medical Care
  • Professions - Employment
  • Freedmen's Bureau
  • Civil Rights
  • Politics
  • Recreation
  • Population
  • Segregation- Changes in the 1890s
  • Civil War
  • Education
  • Religion

Under these general headings, there are numerous subtopics. The research notes are numbered and presented in numerical order, and they are searchable by note numbers, names, dates, events, and topics (occasional hand-written numbers may not appear in searches). There are no missing notes, but there are occasional missing numbers, especially near the end of the research notes. The areas of missing numbers are between notes 4099 and 5000 (the largest group), between 6325-A and 6412, between 7148-D and 7158, and between 7328-B and 7379. My hope is that historians at all levels interested in African American history will find my research notes helpful in their research.

Part I contains introduction, index and cards 1 to 1676 -

Part II contains cards 1677 to 3737 -

Part III contains cards 3738 to 6155-B -

Part IV contains cards 6155-C to 7429-B -


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