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Against 19 other deserving women, it was Josclynn Brandon who stood out. Walking to the front of Feix Field, Brandon, an Indianapolis senior, was crowned WKU's 2010 Homecoming Queen.

She said what made her most proud was that even though she was an African-American woman on a predominately white campus, she was still chosen to represent WKU.

She couldn't have dreamed of a better honor.

"It was an indescribable feeling. I knew several other candidates . . . and they are all great girls," she said. "They are also very involved on campus. To be chosen out of those 19 other girls was truly amazing."

Brandon was quite involved herself: a Spirit Master for the 2010-11 school year, vice president of public relations for Campus Activities Board, president of the Epsilon Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and she had been a resident assistant for three years.

"I truly love this university, and that's why I'm so involved," she said. "I think Homecoming Queen is an amazing honor to receive as a young woman. It shows your love for this univeristy and the university's love for you."


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