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This thesis project pursues the stylistic nature of Surrealist writing and provides deeper understanding into how one may interpret Surrealist poetry. My work consists of two written components: an analytical essay concerning how Hegelian philosophy is applicable to the understanding and interpretation of Surrealist expression and a collection of original Surrealist poems titled “Insomnia Trials.” My essay introduces Surrealism then further discusses the processes of Surrealist writing by analyzing the Hegelian dialectic and demonstrating how it corresponds to the interpretation and manifestation of Surrealist poetry. “Insomnia Trials” consists of 16 poems that are divided into two sections, a section of 12 poems adopting the form of horoscopes and a section of four poems adopting the form of Bible verses. Each poem corresponds to a theme of relationships and has been written using one or more devices from Surrealist games and exercises. In combination of both written components, it is my intent that my project grounds my collection of poems as a Surrealist work, and expands the philosophical lens by which Surrealist poetry can be addressed.


English Language and Literature | Philosophy