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The International Journal of Exercise Science publishes proceedings for a number of regional, national, and international conferences and meetings.

To simplify referencing as well as site navigation, we have assigned each conference or related organization its own “volume," and thus each year’s proceedings for that conference is an “issue." For example, The Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine is Volume 2, and then each of its conferences has its own issue number.

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Please note that all publications on the International Journal of Exercise Science Conference Proceedings site are abstracts, not full manuscripts. To see if a full research manuscript has been published from one of the abstracts on this site, we suggest that you contact the lead or corresponding author.

Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1 (2022) Greater NY Chapter Conference Proceedings - American College of Sports Medicine

Greater New York ACSM Abstracts


Comparing Surgical and N95 Mask Use on Resting Oxygen Consumption in Healthy Young Adults
Nicholas R. Piniella, Alex Rothstein, and Joanne DiFrancisco-Donoghue


Predicting In-season Performance from Pre-season Power and Gait Metrics in Collegiate Basketball: Preliminary Evidence
Jasmine Piper, Bill Siddiq, Hiroki Matsuo, Grant Morgan, Ali Boolani, and Andreas Stamatis


Grit Had a Positive Impact on Moderate-to-high Intensity Physical Activity During the COVID-19 Health Crisis
Kyle Pellerin, Thomas Parrillo, Grant Morgan, Joel Martin, Shane V. Caswell, Nelson Cortes, Ali Boolani, and Andreas Stamatis


Position Profiles Based on GPS Metrics: A NCAA Division III Men's Soccer Case Study
Luke Rapaport, Hiroki Matsuo, Grant Morgan, and Andreas Stamatis


Lower Leg Injury — Basketball
Dalton Dowd, Korey Bunal, and Ali Boolani


Mood Responses to Various Exercise Types Using the Ontological Definitions of Exercise
Nathalie Barrios, Sucharitha Dodamgodage, Olaoluwa Ogunleye, Madushi Wickramasinghe, Sumona Mondal, Andreas Stamatis, and Ali Boolani