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The International Journal of Exercise Science publishes proceedings for a number of regional, national, and international conferences and meetings.

To simplify referencing as well as site navigation, we have assigned each conference or related organization its own “volume," and thus each year’s proceedings for that conference is an “issue." For example, The Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine is Volume 2, and then each of its conferences has its own issue number.

If you are affiliated with an organization that holds research conferences within Exercise Science or a related field, and you are interested in having the International Journal of Exercise Science publish your proceedings, then please contact us at this email address: editor@intjexersci.com.

Please note that all publications on the International Journal of Exercise Science Conference Proceedings site are abstracts, not full manuscripts. To see if a full research manuscript has been published from one of the abstracts on this site, we suggest that you contact the lead or corresponding author.

Current Issue: Volume 17, Issue 2 (2024) Stephen F. Austin State University - Course-Embedded Undergraduate Research Experience Showcase

Oral Presentations


The Effects of Liftng Belts on Power Output
Julio Aguilar, Benjamin Coldwell, Patrick Jackson, Cade Pippen, and Zane Thornton


Bilateral vs. Unilateral Vertical Jump
Ellen Ayers and Alexia Patrick


Static vs Dynamic Stretching During a Back Squat
Jessie Clinkinbeard, Mikinzi Cantrell, and Allyson Vokes


The Effect of Fatigue on a Static Lunge
Riley Sherrod, Khalie Duncan, Jaxon Willson, and Tate Skaggs


En Cloche: Pre and Post Stretching
Avery Jackson, Grace Montes, Rian Owens, and Jenna Villanueva