The aim of this study was to evaluate the acute effects of short-term and high intensity exercise on serum cytokines concentrations, oxygen consumption and power of sedentary women pre and post 10 weeks of circuit resistance training (CRT). 14 women, 40.23 ± 3.9 years old, 164 ± 6.6 cm and 57.84 ± 7.7 kg were evaluated. Ventilatory threshold (WVT) and VO2peak (IVO2peak) were determined by ergoespirometric incremental test in a cycloergometer. In pre and post CRT, the women performed a test of cycling exercise with two stages: pedaling 30 minutes on WVT and 5 minutes on IVO2peak. The VO2peak was measured by gas analyzer and the cytokines by flow cytometry. The blood samples were taken at rest and immediately after the two stages to measure the plasmatic concentrations of cytokines (IL-1β; IL-6; IL-8; IL-10, IL-12p70 and TNF). Paired Wilcoxon’s test was used to compare the pre and post values of all variables; The cytokines concentrations at rest, and after the two exercise stages were compared by Friedman´s with Tukey post hoc test CRT (α=0.05). The IVO2peak post CRT increased (p=0.01) without alteration of the VO2peak. The IL-6 concentrations were higher after 5 minutes in IVO2peak compared with the rest, both in pre and in post CRT (p<0.05). The alterations in IL-6 plasmatic levels were protocol-dependent; and the proposed CRT increased the power in watts of VO2peak in cycling exercise, but was not sufficient to trigger an inflammatory reaction indicated by serum cytokines levels in women.



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