Running aerobic sprint test (RAST) consists of six 35m maximum sprint efforts with 10s intervals to determine peak (PP), mean (PM), absolute (Pab), and relative (Pre) power and fatigue index (IF). This study compares PPab, PMab, PPre, PMre, IF and peak lactate concentration ([la-]P) under different conditions. Nine category sub-17 football players performed two RAST tests separated by 48h. The first was with trainers on cement (T+Ci) and the second with football boots on grass (C+Gr). Blood samples were taken after the tests to determine [la-]P. PPab, PMab, PPre, PMre, IF, and [la-]P values in both situations. The values were compared by the Student t test for independent samples and possible associations verified by the Pearson correlation test (p<0.05). All parameters were found to be significant different. Significant correlations were observed in PMab (r=0.82), PPre (r=0.63), PMre (r=0.90) and [la-]P (r=0.72), but not between PPabs and IF. We concluded that potentials under C+Gr conditions were inferior to T+Ci, with C+Gr demanding more from the glycolytic pathway.



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