In the training of youngest soccer players, the knowledge of components of the explosive strength power as the contractile, elastic series and parallel series is fundamental in the sports preparation. Consequently, it is important to seek general models used as parameter for athletes, whether with morphofunctional characteristics, of sports preparation aspects or structure of competitive activity. So, this study aimed to seek an general model of vertical jump height with countermovement aids from arms (CMJa) and Squat Jump (SJ) techniques for young soccer players. Participants were 164 young soccer players (17.42±1.06 years) of juvenile and junior championship of Soccer Paulista Federation in 2008. They executed the vertical jump with countermovement aids from arms (CMJa) and Squat Jump (SJ) techniques. It was used software and contact plataform Jump Test® for the calculation of the height of the jump CMJa (elastic component in series) and SJ (contractile component). It is worthy to know that for SJ the number of athletes was 88. Then the data was kept in computational bank and it was produced descriptive information (mean and standard deviation). The main results showed values of 32.82±4.02 cm for CMJa and 42.97±4.53 cm for SJ. Finally, the general model presented can serve as a parameter for the juvenile and junior categories in soccer.



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