The aim of the present study was to analyze the effects of different rest intervals on the number of repetitions performed in the bench press exercise. Methods: 6 resistance-trained men (age 24.27±1.61 years, body fat 14.72±5.32 %, body mass 76.60±11.00 kg, 1-RM bench press 98.42±19.78kg) volunteered for the study. Subjects performed a bench press 1-RM test and in two subsequent sessions they performed five maximal sets of the bench press exercise with 70%, 75%, 75%, 80% and 85% of 1-RM and a 1- or 2-minute rest interval between sets. Sessions occurred at least 48h apart, with the last two in a random fashion. Statistical analyzes was made by the student t-test to compare the differences between rest intervals. The number of repetitions performed with the 2-minute rest interval (33.16 ± 6.14) was significantly higher than with 1-minute rest interval (26.67 ± 3.44), (p=0.009) and in sets 2 (p=0.016), 3 (p=0.004) and 4 (p=0.018). The 2-minute rest interval yielded a larger number of repetitions performed throughout the five sets of bench press. Furthermore, the subjects were unable to maintain a large number of repetitions even when a 2-minute rest interval was taken. This indicates that larger rest intervals may be necessary when training with this intensity, especially if the maintenance of exercise volume is desired.



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