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Thomas Vidal, Evan C. Johnson, Mikell L. Hammer, Ainsley Huffman, LynnDee Summers & Stavros A. Kavouras, FACSM

Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Previous research has shown that acute dehydration can result in changes in mood. However, the effect of hypohydration (i.e., reflected through high urine concetration) on mood in free-living conditions has not been studied. PURPOSE: The present study was designed to determine if hydration status was associated with mood. METHODS: A group of 44 apparently healthy subjects (n=44, 21 men, 23 women, 32±11y, 1.70±0.07 m, 74.4±18.1 kg) completed three visits separated by a week. Mood was assessed by Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire during each visit. Hydration was assessed via urine (UOsm) and plasma osmolality (POsm) during the 2nd and 3rd visit. Linear regression analysis was used to compare hydration indices with mood sub-scales and Total Mood Disturbance (TMD). RESULTS: UOsm (574±252 mmol/kg) and POsm (287±4 mmol/kg) data were averaged during the 2nd and 3rd visit for each subject. Participants were familiarized to the POMS questionnaire on their first visit. POMS data from the 2nd and 3rd visit were averaged to attain mood ratings for each participant. UOsm and the Vigour-Acuity subscale displayed a significant negative relationship with urine osmolality (R2 = 0.11, F1,41=5.35, b = -0.34 and p=0.026). However, there was no significant relationship between POsm and Vigour Acuity. No other sub-scales or TMD displayed a significant relationship to either urinary or hematological markers of hydration status. CONCLUSION: Hypohydration as indicated by increased UOsm was related to decreased vigor in apparently healthy free-living adults. This may suggest that both acute dehydration and hypohydration are related to disposition. Future research should aim to identify if fluid intake or body water conservation drive this relationship.

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