J Moon


Jessica Moon*1 1Lindenwood University Belleville, Belleville, Illinois

PURPOSE: The purpose of this research is to examine the physical characteristics and fitness levels of ACHA Division 1 collegiate female hockey players by examining data collected from various fitness tests including vertical jump, anaerobic step test, the Cooper Run test, anaerobic cycling (Wingate) and body composition testing (BodPod). METHODS: Twelve ACHA female hockey players visited the lab on three separate visits to complete the three day testing protocol. On the initial visit, percent body fat was assessed using the BodPod (BP). Also height as well as weight, blood pressure, age, sit and reach, vertical jump (using the Vertec), and anaerobic power output through the anaerobic step test were assessed. On day two, the athletes performed a 1.5 mile aerobic run (Cooper Run Test). On day three, an anaerobic cycling test (Wingate) was performed. RESULTS: The following results were collected: percent body fat as assessed by BP (29.7 + 8.2%), height (162.3 + 6.2 cm), weight (70.6 + 12.1kg), resting systolic blood pressure (118.9 + 6.4 mmHg), resting diastolic blood pressure (76.8 + 6.4 mmHg), age (21.3 + 4.2 years), sit and reach (32.5 + 6.4 cm), vertical jump (18.7 + 3.1 inches), anaerobic step test (46.5 + 12.6 steps; mean power 254 + 72 watts), aerobic capacity (VO2 max) as assessed by the Cooper Run Test (46.6+ 10.3 ml-1*kg-1*min). The Wingate mean power was (3743 + 981 Watts) and total repetitions were (45.7 + 4.7 repetitions). CONCLUSION: These tests present a unique fitness profile for an understudied group of athletes. This profile can be useful for coaches, players and trainers within this sport, ACHA Div.1 Women’s Ice Hockey.

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