Eric M. Mosier1, Andrew C. Fry2, Justin X. Nicoll3, Dimitrije Cabarkapa2.

Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO1; University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS2; California State University, Northridge, CA3.

PURPOSES: This investigation examined the test-retest reliability of a markerless motion capture system (MCS) for six performance (PERF) scoring scales using a performance motion analysis protocol (PMA) across multiple visits. METHODS: Healthy, recreationally active men (n=11; ±SD; age=23.0±2.6 yrs, height=180.3±4.8 cm, weight=80.4±7.3 kg) and women (n=11; age=20.8±1.1 yrs, height=172.2±7.4 cm, weight=68.0±7.3 kg) were screened once a week for 4 weeks using the PMA protocol, consisting of 19 motions. These include shoulder ranges of motions, trunk rotation, five types of squatting motions, single leg balances, and six types of vertical jumps and depth jumps. A three-dimensional markerless MCS (DARI, Overland Park, KS) was used to analyze the kinetic and kinematic data, from which 192 variables were calculated to determine the PERF scores. The PERF scores evaluated included Composite, Power, Functional Strength, Dysfunction, Vulnerability, and Exercise Readiness. One-way repeated measures ANOVAs (performance scores x visit) (p≤0.05), and intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) were determined to compare performance scores. RESULTS: Results are shown in the table. Excellent test-retest reliability was observed for composite, power, functional strength, and exercise readiness scores (ICCs >0.8) across all 4 visits. The vulnerability scores displayed fair test-retest reliability, while the dysfunction score exhibited poor reliability. No significant differences were observed for any performance scores on any visits. CONCLUSION: These results indicated excellent reliability for all PERF scores except vulnerability and dysfunction scores. It is possible that the vulnerability and dysfunction scales require several visits to establish a consistent baseline and may require 1-2 familiarization visits. Further study is needed to determine the magnitude of change for any score that is meaningful

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