David K. Brennan1, Jeffrey Cunningham1, Christopher Crane1 1University of Oklahoma, School of Community Medicine, Center for Exercise and Sports Medicine, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of fatigue on postural balance and reaction time while utilizing a smart phone based medical application. Our research objective was to determine if physical fatigue decreases performance on a modified balance error scoring system (mBESS) test and simple reaction time (RT). METHODS: A convenience sample of 15 males, mean age 37.2 (±9.2), mean BMI 26.3kg·m-2 (±3.7) and15 females, mean age 36.9 (±14.0), mean BMI 22.9 kg·m-2 (±3.7). Participants performed three instrumented mBESS and RT tests in succession to establish pre-exercise baseline. Scores ranged from 0-100 with 100 representing a perfect score. Following a 6minutewarmupat a self-selected light intensity on a motorized treadmill, participants completed a progressive maximal graded exercise test on a motorized treadmill. Workloads began at 2.5 mph with 0% grade with speed being increased by 0.5mpheverytwo minutes until subject reached ~ 80% of his age predicted max. Stages were then reduced to 1:00 minute duration until exhaustion. HR and Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE10) were measured the last 30 seconds of each stage and 1-minute post exercise. Tests were terminated once the participant reached voluntary exhaustion or as determined by a standardized criterion. After a 5-minuterecovery participants repeated both mBESS and RT tests. RESULTS: Repeated measures paired T-Tests were performed for males and females. Males performance on mBESS decreased significantly after maximal exercise for Combined scores (p<001) for tandem stance (bilaterally) and RT (p<0.05). For females only mBESS feet together position was different after maximal exercise (p<0.05) (see table 1). CONCLUSION: Males showed a significant change in balance and reaction time across three mBESS stances and RT after maximal exercise. Females demonstrated significant changes only for the mBESS feet together task.

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Table 1

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