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Rhonda Cross Beemer1, Eric M. Mosier1 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO1

PURPOSE: This study assessed a community health coaching program’s effectiveness on goal attainment utilizing the method of goal attainment scaling. METHODS: Thirty-three subjects met with a certified health coach to create goals for health improvement. Two goals were assessed using Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) and were reported at 2-week, 4-week, and 6-week time periods. Final results using the GAS were reported at the six-week mark. Following the completion of the program, a satisfaction survey relating to the quality of the health coach and the program was sent electronically to subjects. RESULTS: Following the completion of six weeks in the community health coaching program, goal 1 was scored as follows using the GAS for the thirty-three subjects: 5 scored a +2 (much more than expected), 3 scored a +1 (more than expected, and 10 met their goal (scoring a 0 on the GAS). Eleven scored a -1 (less than expected), and 4 scored a -2 (much less than expected). Goal 2 for the thirty-three subjects was scored as follows: Three scored a +2, 7 scored a +1, and 14 met their Goal 2. Six scored a -1 and 3 scored a -2. Twenty-six subjects completed the electronic satisfaction survey. The majority of the subjects felt that the program was helpful in making a lifestyle change and the majority stated that their health coach was helpful. Of the subjects that completed the survey, all responded “yes” they would recommend this program to others. CONCLUSION: In summary, of the thirty-three subjects, 18 met or exceeded their Goal 1, while 15 did not meet their goal 1. Twenty-four participants met or exceeded their goal 2, while 8 did not meet their goal. Utilizing a GAS allowed the health coach and researchers to know the level of attainment for each subjects’ goals at various points throughout the health coaching program. This is particularly insightful for a novice health coach in creating attainable goals and for all health coaches in identifying areas of improvement for clients.

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