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Kaitlin Koons1, Troy Torrence2, Robert G. Lockie3, J. Jay Dawes1

1Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma; 2Indiana State Police - Training Division, Indianapolis, Indiana; 3California State University-Fullerton, Fullerton, California

Purpose: To determine if significant associations exist between body fat percentage (BF %) and Body Mass Index (BMI) and physical fitness among state police cadets. Methods: Archived anthropometric and fitness data for 75 male police cadets (Ht= 178.29±8.53cm, BM=88.2±14.3) from two academy classes was collected by the training staff of one police training academy located in the Midwestern United States. Anthropometric variables included height, body mass (BM), and body fat percentage (BF %) collected using a handheld bioelectrical impedance machine (Omron, HBF-306BL). Body mass index (BMI) was calculated from this data using the Quetelet equation (BMI (BM (kg)/ht(m)2). Fitness test data included measurements of lowerbody power (vertical jump; VJ), muscular endurance (1 minute push-ups [PU], 1 minute sit-ups [SU]), anaerobic endurance (300m run) and aerobic fitness (2.4 km). Pearson’s correlations (p≤0.05) were used to calculate relationships between anthropometric variables and physical fitness test performance. Results: Significant relationships (p<0.001) were discovered between BF% and PU (r=-0.383), SU (r=-0.437), 300m (r=0.427), and 2.4km run (r=0.478) performance. Similarly, significant relationships (p<.001) between BMI and PU (r=-0.245) SU (r =-0.372), 300m (r=0.427), and 2.4km run (r=0.410) performance were also discovered. No significant relationships were found between BF% or BMI with VJ performance. Conclusion: These results suggest that greater BF% and BMI may negatively impact measures of muscular endurance and running performance. However, these anthropometric variables did not relate to measures of lower-body power (VJ) in this cadet sample. Physical training programs for police cadets should focus on achieving and maintaining optimal body composition and BMI levels in order to sustain physical fitness during training academy.

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