S. A. Roehl, C. G. Broback, S. J. Scoblic, D. V. Fischer
College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN

Research studies utilizing the Dynamic Postural Stability Index (DPSI), a commonly used method to assess an individual’s ability to transition efficiently from a dynamic to static state, typically analyze dominant leg (DL) and non-dominant leg (NDL) DPSI values separately. Purpose: To compare DL and NDL DPSI values to determine if there are significant differences in mean scores, which could justify the practice of examining DL and NDL values separately. Methods: Thirty-two healthy and physically active subjects [16 males (19.8 ±1.3 years, 85.6 ±13.0 kg, 180.3 ±8.9 cm) and 16 females (20.2 ±1.0 years, 64.8 ±20.4 kg, 165.2 ±11.2 cm)] completed 20 jumps, landing on one leg on a force plate. Ten jumps were performed in the anterior direction (5 landing on the DL and 5 on the NDL) over a 30 cm hurdle at a distance equal to 40% of body height. Ten jumps were also performed in the lateral direction (5 landing on the DL and 5 on the NDL) over a 15 cm hurdle at a distance equal to 33% of body height. Ground reaction forces in the x, y, and z directions, sampled at 200 Hz, were used to calculate DPSI values in each of the four conditions. Data was analyzed using dependent t-tests. Results: Dependent t-tests revealed no significant differences between mean DPSI values for the DL (0.350 ±0.06; 0.314 ±0.06) compared to the NDL (0.353 ±0.05; 0.312 ±0.05) when landing from an anterior and lateral jump respectively (t(31) = -0.429, p = .671; t(31) = 0.148, p = .883). Additionally, the effect size differences between the DL and NDL were found to be small when landing from the anterior (d = 0.05) and lateral jump (d = 0.03). Conclusion: The non-significant differences in the means and the small effect sizes indicate the DPSI values associated with DL and NDL when landing from an anterior and lateral jump are similar. Therefore, the determination of leg dominance may not be necessary when evaluating dynamic postural stability using the DPSI.

NACSM Professional Sponsor: Donald V. Fischer

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