D. Plocker, B. Wahlquist, & B. Dittrich
Bethel University, St. Paul, MN

Purpose: Sports performance practitioners often utilize new modalities and ergogenic aids that are marketed without scientific research. A recent modality involves tissue compression and active movement to assist in increasing athletic performance by wrapping a compressive band around a joint to increase functional range of motion (ROM). Limited research has been conducted to support this ergogenic aid. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of tissue flossing using Rogue Fitness’s Voodoo Mobility Floss bands (MFB) in increasing upper extremity power (UEP) and (ROM). Methods: 17 male athletes (x̅ age=20.7 years, SD=18-22 years, x̅ ht=183.30cm SD=6.11cm, x̅ wt 97.68kg SD=10.65kg) were recruited as participants. Subjects attended a treatment session involving the use of MFB, and a control session without the use of MFB. During the treatment session, the researchers wrapped the right and left shoulders with MFB, and led subjects through shoulder prehabilitation exercises. Upon band removal, ROM measurements were taken using a goniometer. A 3D accelerometer (Myotest, Switzerland) was then used to measure UEP during the bench press. The control session involved the same shoulder prehabilitation exercises without the use of the MFB modality. Results: The mean ROM was greater for both internal rotation (IR) and external rotation (ER) for the treatment session (IR=2.35±11.33 SD; ER=1.7±8.29 SD). However, there was no significant increase in ROM or UEP as a result of the modality (IRWO-IR p=0.405, ERWO-ER p=0.409, WOM-M p=0.076). Conclusion: Data indicated that subjects’ ROM and UEP was not significantly improved following the use of MFB. The suggested manufacturer’s wrapping technique does not effectively cover all muscle groups (rotator cuff complex) involved in IR and ER, potentially limiting the effectiveness of MFB to increase ROM. Further use of tissue compression should incorporate the full joint complex to completely assess the efficacy in ROM.

NACSM Professional Sponsor: Seth Paradis

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