INTRODUCTION: As the pressure of competition increase, the athlete will begin to doubt or feel insecure, generating muscular tension and difficulty in the movement. In sports, especially basketball, relaxation is a key part of fine-skills coordination. For this reason, it is determinate that audio-relaxation can become of paramount importance in sport. PURPOSE: To determine if the basketball free throw is influenced by audio-relaxation in a group of physically active college students. METHODS: Eight physically active, apparently healthy college students (­4 male and 4 female) volunteered to participate in this study. The students height was 168.3 ± 8.7cm (range, 155-181cm), mass 76.8±19.5kg (range, 51.5-115.0kg) and age 21.5 ± 1.3y.o (range, 20-24y.o). Subjects attended the study on two occasions, with seven days interval between sessions. Randomly, the first session consisted of listening to audio-relaxation for 16 minutes. In the second session (session control), audio-relaxation was not played while the subjects waited for 16 minutes. The application of the treatment was performed in a room isolated from noise and light, just as it happened for the control condition, in which there was no treatment. In each session, the volunteers were evaluated before and after treatment, performing 20 free throws, 10 shots were performed at their own rhythm and the other 10 under pressure (at the sound of the whistle). RESULTS: According to the normal distribution in the values (p=0.200), a two-way repeated measures ANOVA was performed, in which it was found that there is no interaction between listening and not listening to audio-relaxation in the execution of ten free throws at their own rhythm and ten under pressure (p=0.510). CONCLUSION: Listening audio-relaxation does not significantly influence the effectiveness of the basketball free throws, it means that the people will not get improve their performance if use audio-relaxation technique.



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