3 WINS Fitness (3W) is a free exercise program delivered by kinesiology students to underserved communities. Without external funding it has grown and been sustained since 2011. PURPOSE: With an intention of developing students’ professional skills, 3W also aims to reduce health disparities and increase community health by increasing physical activity. With 74% of the US population failing the Physical Activity Guidelines for cardiovascular/strength training, programs like 3W are needed. There has been no qualitative analysis of 3W to determine benefits for students/participants until now. METHODS: The analysis of 3W involved nine on-line focus groups (FG). The FG captured students and participants of 3W across ten years and accounted for the program’s pivot from in-person to virtual (COVID-19). Thematic analysis determined codes and major emerging themes. RESULTS: Validation of the successful in-person reach of 3W to Los Angeles individuals and communities and virtual reach state-wide showed six major themes: value, health, challenges, social connection, organization framework, and partnerships. This provides evidence for the three goals of 3W: personal health, community health, and student professional development. Specifically for this presentation, health addressed personal and professional aspects of health for participants, community, and students. Value comprised four aspects for students, participants, and the community. CONCLUSION: The broad reach of 3W was highlighted by improving health and being a program valued in multitudinous ways to individuals and the community noting the challenge(s) of identifying value through traditional quantitative research. As a free program, 3W reached a diverse community who mentioned physical, social, and emotional value, while students valued personal and professional skills gained and experiential learning different from their college peers. This study illustrates 3W ability to reduce health disparities and increase overall positive health outcomes, reinforcing its potential as a sustainable, scalable, accessible, and affordable solution to the physical inactivity pandemic. This study suggests the 3W student-led model can be replicated in kinesiology departments and contribute to the continuum of improving the public’s health.



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