Lack of sleep has been found to negatively impact one’s health. Not only can a lack of sleep make one feel tired or impact their mood, there are many other significant health problems that result from less sleep. On the other hand, getting adequate sleep offers several health benefits which may positively influence one’s quality of life. PURPOSE: The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between sleep and quality of life in college students over the age of 18 years old. METHODS: College students of all genders and ethnicities from 18 years of age and older were able to participate in a study assessing the relationship between hours of sleep and quality of life (QOL). Following IRB approval, data was gathered electronically in the Fall of 2021 from college students (eligibility was 18 years+ and enrolled in college) using Qualtrics. The CDC-HRQOL survey was administered along with researcher developed questions on sleep habits. All data was analyzed using a non-parametric Spearman Rank Order Correlation in IBMs SPSS and a 95% confidence interval with a P value RESULTS: No significant correlation between hours of sleep and QOL was found although the relationship was trending (P = 0.069). Therefore, the hypothesis was rejected. CONCLUSION: The findings from this study revealed a trending non-significant correlation between college student hours of sleep and QOL. Further research given the current times and looming COVID-19 pandemic is needed on college students' perceived QOL and sleep. Additionally, assessing sleep habits based on demographics, institution, or status in school (first year, second year, etc.) may help further elucidate the relationship between the variables.



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