The goal of the Health and Wellness Team within Esports at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is to share the skill sets we have learned in our professional careers and apply them to our student eAthletes, so they are equipped with the mental, physical, nutritional, and socio-emotional resources, education, and support they need to thrive. PURPOSE: The Health and Wellness Team (HWT) within Esports at CSUDH and the student club organization aligns with the five pillars of the academy: Academics & Research, Career Development, Community, Competition, and Entertainment. The HWT can reach our student population through mental, physical, nutritional, and socio-emotional education. Our goal is to share the skill sets within Psychology and Kinesiology; and apply them to Esports at CSUDH to provide our students with the optimal care and support they need to flourish both mentally and physically as they each balance life as student eAthletes. The HWT also emphasizes the importance of nurturing an individual’s character strengths, values, interests, and abilities. METHODS: Within the past 3 years we have implemented these practices through workshops, seminars, online talk-sessions, social media post, and videos to educate and promote self-care. A timeline of events and important key points from each session will be highlighted during this presentation. Our future goals are to conduct evaluations of the program and track the progress of our student eAthletes with specific quantitative and qualitative methods that will allow us to identify protective factors and recommendations to increase overall wellness. RESULTS: Through our current work, we have become conscious to the effects that inadequate self-care, coping skills, and health education can have on student eAthletes. When student eAthletes are not provided with the necessary skill sets, resources, and insights needed, it makes it difficult for them to flourish mentally, emotionally, physically, academically, and competitively. CONCLUSION: The current presentation will review this information and propose a self-care model which will include mindfulness techniques, communication and team-building strategies, ergonomic, physical activity, and fitness strategies, and other creative means.



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