Peter Gaither, Bryan Riemann. Georgia Southern, Savannah, GA.

Background: Minimal research exists examining performance indicators following a same-day resistance training session. Thus, the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a same-day resistance training session on countermovement jump (CMJ) performance and the concentric phase vertical ground reaction forces (VGRF). Methods: Nine National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I male soccer players (19-23 yrs, 76.6±6.5 kg, 1.83±.2m) who were active in an off-season strength program participated in two-afternoon CMJ sessions (48 hours apart). One session (random order) followed (4-6 hrs) a morning resistance training session (RTS), while the second occurred in the afternoon of a rest day (RD). The training session consisted of 6 sets (2 sets per exercise) of 10 repetitions at 80% of 1 repetition maximum for back squat, front squat, and forward lunge. Five CMJ trials with arms akimbo were completed with one-minute rest between trials. VGRF under both feet were recorded and were used to compute jump height, propulsion time, countermovement depth, as well as mean power, peak power, peak force, and work occurring during the concentric phase. Results: Jump height was nearly identical (P=.672, d=.15) between RTS (.251± .042m) and RD (.246±.064m) sessions. Propulsion time (P=.672, d=.20), countermovement depth (P= .304, d=.18), mean power (P=.946, d=-.02), peak power (P=.656, d=.096), peak force (P=.543, d=-.112), and work (P=.717, d=.08) were statistically equal between sessions. Conclusion: These results do not support the belief that same-day strength training will decrease athletic performance. With the minor effects that same-day training had on CMJ performance in this study, coaching staffs may not need to be hesitant when it comes to strength training on the day of a game or practice. Future research should further explore same-day resistance training on other athletic performance indicators such as sprint speed or agility.

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