Megan Barnes, Camryn Cowan, Shelby Parker, Lauren Boag, Julianne Hill, Lenox Jones, Kylie Nixon, Mckenzie Parker, Mary Raymond, Hope Sternenberg, Shelby Tidwell, Taylor Yount, Rebecca R. Rogers, Tyler D. Williams, Christopher G. Ballmann, FACSM. Samford University, Birmingham, AL.

BACKGROUND: Yohimbine hydrocholoride (YHM) possess sympathomimetic properties which are mediated through antagonism of adrenergic receptors resulting in greater norepinephrine release. While a multitude of stimulants have been studied in the context of exercise performance, there is a paucity of research inquiring as to whether YHM can provide ergogenic benefits. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of acute YHM ingestion on anaerobic capacity, anaerobic power, total work, and fatigue index during repeated Wingate Anaerobic Tests (WAnT) METHODS: In a double-blinded crossover design, physically active females (18-25 years) participated in two separate repeated cycle sprint trials each with a different treatment: Placebo (PL; gluten free corn starch) or Yohimbine Hydrocholoride (YHM; 2.5 mg). For each trial, participants consumed their respective treatment 20 minutes prior to exercise. Following a warm-up, participants completed 3 × 15 second Wingate anaerobic tests (WAnT) separated by 2 minutes of active recovery. Anaerobic capacity, anaerobic power, total work, and fatigue index were analyzed between treatments. RESULTS: YHM ingestion did not result in improvements in anaerobic capacity (p= 0.161), anaerobic power (p= 0.154), or total work (p= 0.107) compared to PL. However, YHM ingestion resulted in a lower fatigue index (p= 0.027). CONCLUSIONS: YHM supplementation does not appear to improve power output and total work during repeated sprints. However, it resulted in a lower fatigue index indicating that YHM ingestion may attenuate fatigue and preserve power output. Thus, individuals seeking to combat fatigue during repeated sprints may use YHM as an effective dietary enrichment strategy.

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