Lauren G. Killen, Kyle Reason, James M. Green, FACSM, Krystin Lehtola. University of North Alabama, Florence, AL.

BACKGROUND: While virtual, interactive exercise is a unique exercise modality suggested to positively impact attitude toward exercise, little is known about the effect on enjoyment and perceived duration. Therefore, this study examined effects of interactive cycling on perceived duration and exercise enjoyment. METHODS: Thirteen participants (age 20.3±1.03 years) completed a VO2 peak test, two 20 minute cycling trials, and two 40 minute cycling trials. For each duration, one trial was completed on the interactive Expresso bike (EXP) and the other on a Velotron (VEL). Intensity was matched within time trials from wattage and VO2 values of the EXP session. RPE overall (O), legs (L), and breathing (B) were estimated every 5 minutes and session RPE (SRPE) was estimated 15 minutes post exercise using the OMNI pictorial scale. Following each trial, participants estimated exercise duration (minutes) and completed a Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale (PACES) questionnaire to assess exercise enjoyment. SRPE, perceived duration, and the PACES questionnaire were compared between sessions (EXP vs. VEL) using paired t-tests within 20 and 40 minute duration trials. Separate 2 (trial) X 4 (time point) ANOVA’s for the 20 minute duration and 2 (trial) X 8 (time point) ANOVA’s for the 40 minute duration were used for between trial comparisons of RPE-O, RPE-L, and RPE-B. Results were considered significant at p ≤ 0.05. RESULTS: No significant difference was found for SRPE or perceived duration within either time period. Acute perceptual responses were significantly lower (~ 0.77 unit) for EXP for RPE-O (25, 35, 40 minutes) and RPE-L (~1 unit) (25 minutes) in the 40 minute session. The following PACES questionnaire responses were significantly higher for EXP (vs. VEL) within the 20 and 40 minute trials: enjoyed, liked, interested, pleasurable, fun, happy, pleasant, felt good, not frustrated, gratifying, stimulated, accomplished, nothing I would rather do, with energized being significantly higher for EXP (vs. VEL) in the 20 minute session. CONCLUSION: Although exercising on an interactive bike (EXP) does not significantly alter perceived duration, it mitigated acute RPE-O in longer exercise durations. Additionally, with the positive impact on participant exercise experience from an interactive exercise bike, it could be an alternative option for sedentary individuals to increase exercise participation and adherence.

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