BACKGROUND: Nutritional supplementation is a common practice athletes engage in to enhance performance. Collagen supplementation is used to decrease recovery time, and improve muscular performance. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a novel enzyme-hydrolyzed collagen-based multiple ingredient supplement has on muscular performance. METHODS: Eight subjects who were already engaged in daily resistance training completed three data collection sessions at baseline, after 10 days, and after 21 days of taking a 30 ml/day dose of the supplement. Each testing session consisted of the following assessments: body composition, measured using whole-body plethysmography; upper body power, by medicine ball throw distance; lower body power, measured using a cycle ergometer; upper and lower body strength, measured by 1-RM bench press and standing broad jump distance; upper body endurance, measured by hand-release pushups; and midline endurance, measured by plank time. Subjects continued their own training program for the length of the study. The significance of differences was determined using ANOVA. RESULTS: Following 21 days of supplementation there were significance improvements in several variables compared to not using the supplement. These included lower body power (+157.37±119.37 W, p=0.007), upper body power (+26.12±23.1 kgm/sec, p=0.015), lower body strength (+5.31±3.58 in, p=0.004), and upper body endurance (+4±4.59 reps, p=0.043). There were no significant differences upper body strength (p=0.105), midline endurance (p=0.059), or body composition (p=0.105). CONCLUSIONS: The enzyme-hydrolyzed collagen-based multiple ingredient supplement used in this study appears to improve some measures of muscular performance compared to not using the supplement. This suggests that this new collagen-based supplement may enhance muscle strength, power, and endurance when combined with resistance training.

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